Organic Traffic Increase

We took them from 280 organic traffic per month to 3890+ organic traffic per month. Gaining them more sales and subscribers.


Impression Increase

We got them from 6.61k monthly impressions to 68.8k+ monthly impressions leaving them huge room to continue growing.


Average Position

We got them to an average position of 11.1 from 26.2. Keep in mind this is great since they rank for over 690 keywords.

The Background

Ascendily was hired by our partner, who runs one of the better and larger online couples therapy services, to improve the visibility and rankings of their services and website as a whole. With the core goal of increasing revenue and users.

The problems they offered solutions for are:

– Couples therapy online

– Marriage counseling

– Infidelity

– And many more

They offered an interesting solution by not having people get on a call which could put many people off since they would like to remain anonymous. Instead, they offered a complete set of more than 100 videos tackling couples’ problems.

They faced fierce competition since they needed to get on top of Google in Sweden, Norway, and the UK for competitor-driven keywords, which also led to many local businesses looking to win their spot on the SERPs.

So what were the keywords?

Couples therapy seo case study

The Keywords

Ascendily was tasked with focusing on getting our partner the most clicks to convert the user via emails and branding since we were running Facebook ads & Google ads to complement their SEO package.

We picked a variety of keywords we wanted to target since some of the main keywords simply were not within their budget to go for.

But, we made due and made sure to get some high-volume keywords with high intent to get ranked as high as we could within the time-frame and their budget.

With that in mind, here are some examples from the campaign:

Online couples therapy seo results

Keywords & Search Volume

Online couples therapy
Couples therapy
Combined local primary keywords
Combined long-tail keywords

The Campaign

We made sure our priority was to make sure this project would succeed in the long run. The primary keywords we targeted simply needed the client to gain more topical authority.

We gave them a blueprint to optimize their main pages since they didn’t want non-certified experts to write about the topic.

Once they had their audit and blueprint, we started writing highly optimized content for long-tail keywords that would excel their authority in the space they wanted to dominate. While also re-configuring their internal link strategy and hierarchy to prop up their main page authority.

While all the website optimizations were under-way, we set up a link-building campaign to push their site up further in the rankings.

Our team focused on getting our partner mentioned on great media and relevant websites that would further excel their brand authority in the market. And the results speak for themselves…

SEO Audit


SEO Audit & Opportunity Research

Untitled design 1


Content Planning & Writing

Untitled design 2


Growth Insights & Optimization

Untitled design 3


Boosting With Backlinks

The Results

Our partner is now dominating the first page of Google on many primary and secondary keywords while also getting great combined results from our long-tail efforts.

The image below speaks for itself and keep in mind that there are a ton of other rank 1-5 keywords that we decided to put out to focus more on the ones with high traffic value and percentage.

We have also blurred out the specific keywords since we protect the integrity of our partner and our services.

online marriage counseling seo keywords

Results Before & After

Thanks to the combined efforts of on-page optimization, backlinks and great content their traffic more than tripled.

mariage counseling seo results
Last three months year over year
Remainly SE After

“Have worked together with Kevin and am super happy. He got into my business quickly, had his own ideas and saw a whole lot of the marketing even if it was only Facebook advertising I needed help with. He looked over the entire funnel for optimal results. Easy to get in touch with and work with. Thumbs up!”

Emma Andersson

CEO of Webbas AB

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