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Count the number of words, characters and lines in your texts with this easy and simple to use tool.

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More About Our Free Word & Character Counter Tool

Our free online character counter and word counter allows you to quickly and easily check the length of your writing. Simply copy and paste your text into the tool or type directly into the text area to see both the character count and word count of your content.

This can be especially useful when you need to meet a specific character limit or minimum, such as in Twitter tweets, text messages, Yelp reviews, Facebook posts, and more.

Character and word limits are common on the internet and can impact how your writing is graded or reviewed. For students, there may be limits for homework assignments or college applications, and for writers, knowing the length of your writing can help you effectively fit it into limited space.

Job seekers can use the character count to fit their resume onto a single page, and those writing in non-English languages can also benefit from checking the character count of their writing.

In addition to our character and word counters, we also offer a free wordcloud generator tool and a free keyword density checker to help you with your writing needs. Try them out today for free!