Read more about the services we offer to ascend your sales, traffic, and customers so you can rest easy while growing.


Sure fire search engine optimization packages for your business to increase your revenue organically year on year with a guarantee.


Facebook advertising packages that’ll put you in front of your key buyers in no time. Tailored to your budget to make you fortunes month by month.


Google advertising packages transform your sales from gambling to glory. We tailor your package to your needs to increase your profits.


Take your email marketing to the next level by setting up opt-ins that’ll soar your percentages to help you convert window-shoppers to real customers.


Sometimes it all starts at the foundation. We’ll re-build your website into a conversion monster, built for speed, sales and growth.


If you’re not ready for a fully fledged marketing package (which happens), we’ll help you get on track to work with us and grow like never before.

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“Have worked together with Kevin at Ascendily and am super happy. He got into my business quickly, had his own ideas and saw a whole lot of the marketing even if it was only Facebook advertising I needed help with. He looked over the entire funnel for optimal results. Easy to get in touch with and work with. Thumbs up!”

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Emma Andersson

Business Owner

Kevin Jeppesen - Founder and SEO Specialist at Ascendily
Kevin Jeppesen

Founder & Growth Expert

Gain Authority In Your Market In 90 Days

We Love Problems

And we would be delighted to take yours off your shoulders so you can enjoy the benefits of:

Predictable Sales

You’ll know exactly where your next customer comes from. So you can focus on growing your business.

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Bulletproof Guarantees

Stress-proof guarantees so you won’t experience the fear of getting burned. If we’re not performing, we work for free.

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Beautiful Reports

We set you up with a live dashboard that you can take a look at to see how we’re doing at any given time.


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Our credit agency partner in the US gained 8705 leads at $7.47 per lead

Why are we giving this away for free?

Truth be told, in your & our business there are often times where we feel as nothing is given away for free. And with the fierce competition around picking an agency to trust today, we’ve simply decided to help you out as fast as possible to get the ball rolling. Even if that means you’ll do it yourself, with another partner, or us. We believe that achieving a win-win relationship is one of our strongest values to offer, so grab your free growth plan, and you’ll be shocked at how many opportunities you could be using to grow your business. I sincerely look forward to our call. (One could say, this is a lip-smacking offer, one can’t refuse)

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