❝A Profitable Win-Win Relationship That We Cherish❞

– Mattias Andreasson

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The Benefits You’ll Love

Maximizing Your Time

Most entrepreneurs lack the time to learn everything they need for successful marketing campaigns. With your growth plan or us as your partners you’ll save time by knowing exactly what you can implement to start growing. Leaving you more time to do the things you love in life.

Not Feeling Left Out

Something you might have experienced if you’ve worked with agencies before is that you’re left out of the process. We prefer to engage you in the process (if you want) so you can replicate our workflow, and eventually move on to hiring your own team.

Being Calm From Predictable Sales

We’re all guilty of catching ourselves feeling stressed and anxious over not knowing where our next customer will come from. By getting your free report you’ll be able to stay calm knowing that you’re investing into the correct baskets compounding over time for your business.

Knowing You’re Safe

Since we’ve battle-tested our marketing efforts & strategies with multiple partners successfully. We’re offering you a guarantee with our packages. You’ll get rankings & sales in 90 days or we work for free until you do.

What Growth Plans Can I Get?

We have made the process to get started extremely simple. Select the growth plan you’d like and get your no obligation walk-through.

Advertising Growth Plan

Understand all your quick-win opportunities for your ongoing advertising. Get a step by step walk-through how you can advertise profitably.


On page SEO Growth Plan

Dozens of actionable on page actions you can take to start ranking higher on Google and convert more customers.


Website Growth Plan

This in-depth growth plan includes 100+ actionable recommendations to help 2X+ website sales and leads.


E-commerce Growth Plan

This free growth plan includes 100+ actionable points to boost conversions 25% or more! Finally understand how you can level up your e-com store.


Google Business Profile Growth Plan

This actionable growth plan report tells you what to optimize on a GBP profile to boost the businesses local ranking on Google. Start getting more leads for your local service.


Competition Analysis Growth Plan

Use the insights in this growth plan report to eat your competition alive. Out-maneuver their entire business on all levels.

Kevin Jeppesen - Founder and SEO Specialist at Ascendily
Kevin Jeppesen

Founder & Growth Expert

Gain Authority In Your Market In 90 Days

Skycrocket your Traffic

Gain compounding amounts of traffic to your business month over month. Resulting in a well oiled traffic machine that’ll lay the foundation for a long lasting business.


Boost your Sales

Grow like faster than ever with paid advertising, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization to turn your window-shoppers into long-lasting customers.

Sales Chart

“The team at Ascendily is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach.”

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Melissa Dean

Book The Date & Get Your
Free Growth Plan Strategy Session

[Value: €345]
5 / 5

Our credit agency partner in the US gained 8705 leads at $7.47 per lead

Why are we giving this away for free?

Truth be told, in your & our business there are often times where we feel as nothing is given away for free. And with the fierce competition around picking an agency to trust today, we’ve simply decided to help you out as fast as possible to get the ball rolling. Even if that means you’ll do it yourself, with another partner, or us. We believe that achieving a win-win relationship is one of our strongest values to offer, so grab your free growth plan, and you’ll be shocked at how many opportunities you could be using to grow your business. I sincerely look forward to our call. (One could say, this is a lip-smacking offer, one can’t refuse)

Kind regards
Your partners in profit.

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