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Guaranteed Rankings & Sales in 90 Days or We Work For Free

Growing your business today is hard, and trusting agencies to partner up with to grow is even harder. That’s why we help you make it easy, less stressful, and headshakingly profitable by using our proven & wildly converting marketing strategies, battle-tested enough times to give you a bulletproof guarantee.

Trusted Partners

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Step 1

Genuine Growth Analysis

We take an exclusive look at your SEO & Advertising and analyze your lacking areas with the aim of providing you with an action plan to take you from spinning to winning in no time.

Step 2

Fool-Proof Onboarding

Once we have the winning formula for your business to start growing we get ready together with our a-plus onboarding process that will be the brilliant beginning of our win-win relationship.

Step 3

Planned & Proven Execution

No more waiting around, by this stage you’ve got a reliable strategy in place, you’ve been thoroughly onboarded and you know exactly what our plan is for your business growth. Now it’s time for a smooth & remarkable execution taking your business from spinning to winning using the power of SEO & Paid advertising.

We Boost Your Business Bottom Line by Optimizing Your Growth Potential

Your business is the guideline for our plan. We identify the best growth opportunities focused on making you more money & saving the most time. So you can sleep easy at night knowing exactly where your next customers will come from.

Online Marketing That Eats Your Competition Alive

Hiring an agency is either like a horrible relationship that makes you lose your hair. Or a blissful marriage that keeps on giving amazing feelings of joy.

No more spinning around, no more trying the latest hack, it’s time to take charge of your business growth by hiring reliable partners, so who are we? (protip: watch the video)

Research That Resonates

We discover exactly what your competitors are doing and come up with a plan so you can move beyond them on multiple levels.

To do that, we discover exactly what kind of audiences would resonate with your services & products, itching to buy.

Copy That Flows

As you might’ve noticed, we like copywriting. But all our fancy wording is not your regular fluff, the most profitable ad campaigns throughout time have been the ones with a fantastic copy.

Copy so good that it’ll shake your buyer with excitement or make them pull their hair out rattling their wallet to buy your service or product.

Reporting You Love

We make sure you get top-of-the-crop reporting each month, we track any data you’ll find relevant to your business.

The type of reporting, so beautifully structured that you’ll understand your funnels, ads, and SEO from a bird’s-eye view.

Our Partners

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Kevin Jeppesen - Founder and SEO Specialist at Ascendily
Kevin Jeppesen

Founder & Growth Expert

Gain Authority In Your Market In 90 Days

Our Case Studies

Online couples therapy seo case study featured imag

How this online couples therapy website grew their organic traffic by 874% in one year.

Case study currently being written

This case study is currently being written... check back in a bit.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Just read our customer reviews and see for yourself.

“Recommend Kevin at Ascendily highly, he is service minded and always want to help you in the best way and with your best interest in focus. He delivers fantastic work and always put in a little extra to give you the best service and value. I’m glad I found him and he’s feedback and advice is fantastic. Will keep working with him in the future on SEO and also to get more profitable marketing strategies.”

Mattias Andreasson Solberga Teknik Recension
Mattias Andreasson

CEO of Solberga Teknik AB

“Have worked together with Kevin at Ascendily and am super happy. He got into my business quickly, had his own ideas and saw a whole lot of the marketing even if it was only Facebook advertising I needed help with. He looked over the entire funnel for optimal results. Easy to get in touch with and work with. Thumbs up!”

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Emma Andersson

CEO of Webbas AB

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